1. Register yourself through the Registration Link at the Bottom of the Home Page
2. Go to the Home Page and fill up the Fields under Registration. Kindly feed the same Email-id used while Registering. Kindly choose the
Mode of Delivery 'COD or Online' and hit the Submit button.
3. After that you need to fill in the details as per Online or COD option.
4. Once payment details are completed you will be redirected to upload your photo. Select your photo make sure it is less than 4 MB in size.
5. Every login ID is restricted to only one download. To download twice you need to purchase the product again.
6. You need to download the question papers. Solution will be available only 5 days from the download of the first question paper.
7. Once you are done solving the question paper you can upload the paper to get it evaluated by our expert team of professors.
8. We will evaluate and upload your answer paper for your reference.
Note:Evaluation of the papers of individual subject in every package will cost Rs. 1000/- additional.
9. For any query pertaining to the subject you can refer to our SME Helpline Tab.
10. For any technical difficulties get in touch with us through