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Guruaanklan Question papers had been a great help as the same questions came in Board examination and made things eaiser for me. I had taken Weekly and Combined test papers and it covered all the important concepts and questions of Chemistry and Maths and the same was asked in the Board Examination especially Maths. It helped me to get my basics clear in first place for NEET preparation. It helped me in my last moment preparation and solving Guruaanklan question papers had given me a good amount of practise which also helped me to increase my speed in the board exam. If your not prepared and have last two months left before the Board examination then I would recommend my juniors to go for Guruaanklan question papers as it would be the best option to choose.


Guruaanklan question papers helped me immensely in board examination because some of the questions from the Question Bank came in boards. I've opted for weekly test. I first went through the question paper and then started practicing the answers in the test. All papers were useful but physics specifically helped me a lot as the important questions and concepts were covered by the Question Bank itself, especially the numerical part. It helped me in the last moment preparation as the concepts which were important were covered in the weekly test. With the better preparations it increased my speed in board examination. I would definitely recommend the Guruaanklan papers to my juniors as it covers the important topics and concepts of all subjects

Shreyas Ghare Dr DY Patil Jr. College,Belapur

Guruaanklan question papers were similar to Board paper pattern and so it was of great help to me. With Physics, Chemistry and Maths Weekly Test it had helped me for better preparation as it covered all the important questions and I scored high in all three subjects as compared to other subject. Maths Test series had given me more insight and understanding on Theorems and Equations. It was perfect for my last moment preparation and my speed also increased. I would definitely recommend Guruaanklan Test Series to my friends and juniors.


Well, I definitely had a great turn over in my marks because of the test series. Thanks a lot to Guruaanklan test series. I had only purchased and solved its Maths papers. Test series were board oriented and nice selection of questions. Along with Boards preparation it also helped me a lot with CET preparation. I had a lot of problems with time management for Maths but the test papers helped me to get through it with ease. I would definitely recommend you all to practice and solve more of papers than just learning because there is no shortcut to success.

Yashodhan Mehta , T.P Bhatia College

Guruaanklan test series had been of great help to me as I didn't have any idea about Boards and it contained all the important questions which were similar to Board paper. It almost covered all important concepts and question and helped me in last moment preparation. I was stress free as Grand test had been of great help as most of the questions came in board exam. Maths theorems were helpful and with better preparation my speed also increased. I would recommend Guruaanklan papers to my friends and juniors


"Guruaanklan's test series was really of great help, it was a good practice at the last minute.
It helped me specifically in Physics, with some diagram and labeling practice that I hadn't done in a really long time since 10th standard.
Chemistry was a surprise too because it helped me in memorizing the formulae as writing always helps better in remembering than reading.
Mathematics needs written practice anyway, thus very helpful.
I would recommend Guruaanklan's Test series because it really helped me in practicing just before the exam."

Aniket.N.Prabhu Grade– XII Sathaye College

"Guruaanklan papers helped me in my board examination. Most questions asked in the board examination were similar to that of the questions asked in Guruaanklan question set.
Topics like integration and derivation seemed easy enough after I solved those papers. It also helped me to solve difficult sums in Physics.
It helped me in my last minute preparation.
I would definitely recommend Guruaanklan papers to my juniors. "

Shraddha Nayak Grade – XII Swami Vivekanand College

"Guruaanklan helped me in my last minute revision and the papers have all types of questions covered in it which was very helpful and worth investing my time in. Physics paper in particular was extremely helpful as it was very precise. It helped me in last minute revision, as I attempted and went through all expected questions at the last minute. I would recommend Guruaanklan's Test series to everyone because it helps in last minute preparation and revision. Solutions provided along with the questionnaire helped me to tally the answers and also gave guidelines as to, how to present our answers during exam. With the help of Guruaanklan's Test series we can make out several points to be kept in mind which are necessary during exam and revise in a snapshot."

Bhakti.D.Thakur Grade - XII Patkar College

"I solved Guruaanklan's test series papers for practice after my college prelims. They were of great help as they precisely were covering pretty much each and every topic of the syllabi. It had many numerical questions in Physics which were from the textbook as well as additional ones which were of great help. Chemistry was my weak point and the question paper provided by Guruaanklan had given me very good practice to both physical and organic part. I used to find calculus portion tough but with these papers it gave me an overall synopsis of the portion and I studied from it. So, it was a great help. Guruaanklan's Test series really helped me. It was very helpful in last minute brushing up of important topics. The papers provided by them gave me a thorough practice. Also, I used to read the important questions regularly from it to keep it afresh in my mind. I would recommend these papers for last minute revision it's very important and provides different prospective in solving the questions."

Yash Pednekar Grade - XII Patkar College

"Guruaanklan question papers helped me develop my mind for the examination. Though the questions were much tougher than the board exams, I got totally ready for the exam by solving such question papers. Physics numerical got perfectly revised by solving Guruaanklan question papers. Chemistry objective questions, chemical reactions and important theory questions were thoroughly revised. Maths exam went very smoothly because of revising question papers. I had actually purchased Guruaanklan question papers 10 days before the commencement of board exam but it helped me greatly in reading only the important topics at the last moment. Solving Guruaanklan question papers helped me to cope up with time and studies at the last moment. So I recommend to all my dear juniors to try and solve Guruaanklan question papers. I got more marks than I expected in the PCM exams. So I thank a lot to Guruaanklan team for setting such brilliant papers."

Pratik Ratilal Patodia Grade – XII Pace Junior Science College,Nerul

"I felt very good solving the Chemistry question paper , the paper patter and the questions were very helpful, I felt happy as I got the marks that I desired. The formulas and numerical of Grand test were very elaborate and extensive. The last one month I was only practicing from Guruaanklan Papers. I scored 80/100 in Physics and 79/100 in chemistry thanks to Guruaanklan. I will recommend all my juniors to take Guruaanklan’s Papers."

Prachi Challawar Grade – XII Janata Mahavidyalay ,Chandrapur

"I would like to thank Guruaanklan as the Test Series provided by them clearly helped me understand the Board Pattern and thus preparing me for boards. 7 mark questions came from the Biology paper. Chemistry and Biology Papers were the best as the questions came in the board exam. The biology questions of boards also helped me in the NEET preparation. My chemistry subject was very weak but I scored 87/100 in chemistry only because of Guruaanklan Foundation. Though all the concepts of the subjects were cleared in our college but only after solving Guruaanklan papers. I understood where to use the concepts and also the type of questions asked in HSC Board Examination. CET papers were also was very helpful as it covered almost all the MCQ’s of the Engineering-CET of karnataka and also NEET "

Gurunath Annappa Metri Grade – XII R.B.P College Sankh ,Sangli

" I had taken Guruaanklan Test Series for my Board and JEE-Main preparation . I had opted for PCMB subjects . First of all I want to thank Guruaanklan Foundation on helping me with my boards preparation. I had taken Combined and Grand Test series. It helped to understand my concepts more clearly and thus boosted my level of confidence. Grand test series helped me in my JEE-Main and NEET preparation both and last moment preparation helped me increase my speed. It actually helped me a lot in Maths and Chemistry because most of the questions came from the Test series. I would surely love to recommend Guruaanklan Test series to all my juniors. "

Miss Mahalaxmi Iyengar Grade – XII Model College, Mumbai

" Many questions came in the Board examination , physics was very good as a lot of similar questions came in the HSC Board examination. I took PCMB- Grand Test . The question level was good, the paper covered basics and higher level questions. I would rate the Test series 9 point on the scale of 10. I scored 74/100 in physics and in Biology 79/100. I scored more than I expected.I would definitely recommend Guruaanklan test series to all. "

Abhishek Kelhe Grade – XII Late. Vilas Nana Sonawane Science College, Dangsaundane, Nashik

" Guruaanklan Question papers actually helped me pass the HSC Board Examination. I was totally unprepared for the Board examination so I chose to take Guruaanklan test series . I solved all the Tests Weekly Combined and Grand Test. 60% of what I solved came in the board examination. The solutions given were very meaningful. I rate Guruaanklan 8.5 on the scale of 10. "

Unnati Sanjay Powale Grade – XII Mahatma College , Panvel

"The question level even for Board level question papers was very good. The questions covered through the Grand test Papers was very good. Maths and Physics numerical based questions of Weekly & Combined covered all typed of questions . The JEE-Main question paper was also very helpful. It helped in practicing few questions which was not even done in my classes. I would definitely recommend Guruaanklan’s test series to other students. "

Rishabh Tiwari Grade – XII Birla College , Kalyan

" All the basic level questions along with the different type of questions were covered in all Weekly, Combined and Grand Test . Grand test paper pattern was according to board pattern and the solutions to all the questions were explained in detailed steps. Weekly and Combined test were very useful more than I thought. Physics, Chemistry Maths and Biology had important formulas, very descriptive, diagrams were very elaborate and the solution looked like the professors had solved it in their own words which was very easy to understand. Felt very confident after solving the questions. I feel indebted to Guruaanklan foundation for its contribution to my HSC Board examination preparation. "

Pradnya Mangle Grade – XII Satheye Jr College , Pune

" All the Test papers provided by Guruaanklan Foundation were very helpful. I took PCMB papers of Combined and Grand Test. In biology the diagrams helped me a lot and a lot of questions came in the Board Examination, Maths was the best as majority of question came in the board exams. Physics was also very helpful as a lot of numerical were covered in Guruaanklan papers . IT covered all important questions and concepts. The board preparation also helped in the NEET preparation It absolutely helped me in the last moment preparation. I would definitely recommend students to take all Weekly, Combined and Grand Test from Guruaanklan. "

Rohini Dhengale Grade – XII Laxmi Chand Jr. College , Vashim

" The Guruaanklan papers helped me practice more for the examination thus helping me to gain confidence. I had taken Grand test, it had important points which were required for practice. It covered important questions and concepts which helped me in the last moment preparation. Through these papers I gained lot of practice thus increasing my speed and marks in the board examination. I would surely recommend Guruaanklan papers to my juniors for their better preparation. "

Harish Patil Grade – XII Mooljee Jetha College , Jalgaon

" I referred to Guruaanklan papers on the basis of Weekly & Grand test, it helped me out through the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Bio & Maths, I especially prepared for NEET with basics, It helped me out by preparing in Boards by increasing my confidence and giving a glance of question which were not that easy and were not covered by any other book. It was a helping guidance for students like me. "

Juhi Manoj Singh Grade – XII K.V.Pendarkhar, Dombivali

" I Viraj K. Karangutkar would first of all take this opportunity to thank god and my family and would also like to specially thank Guruaaklan for their whole hearten support. Without everybody's support, I could not have thought of reaching these heights again. In month of December, I contacted Guruaaklan and got the board specimen papers and started solving them. The papers helped me in understanding where I went wrong and what mistakes I did in the Semister and Prelim papers .The Grand test showed how the board pattern are. It gives the feel of solving an actual Board paper. This helped me in building my confidence. It helped me to cope up with PCM and that's why I could score 96 in Maths, 88 in Physics and 81 in Chemistry. I scored 88.33 % in PCM. And a total Aggregate of 91% in Boards. The papers that I solved helped me with almost everything I lacked. I would recommend the Guruaaklan papers to have an " Icing on the Cake " for your Board preparations. "

Viraj K. Karangutkar Grade – XII M.H. High School & Jr. College, Thane

It gives me an immense pleasure stating that Guruaanklan Foundation has played a vital role in my success in HSC Board. I was able to excel in HSC Boards 2018 by scoring 92% only because of Guruaanklan. The Test Series provided by Guruaanklan was to the point and the solved solutions helped me immensely in revising the important questions. I was not at all confident about my Board performance as I was consistently focusing on JEE-Main Entrance preparation. From the time I enrolled with them my life became easier. Focus on boards increased and concept clarity on important questions was the most important part of the programme. The doubt sessions arranged by them helped me to clear my doubts, also I got guidance from Sr. Moderators of HSC Board. I would recommend Guruaanklan’s Weekly, Combined and Grand Test to all the students.

Swarangee. P.Sule Birla College (Kalyan) Physics :93/100 Chemistry: 86/100 Maths:99/100

I had taken the Weekly and Grand Test for the preparation of my HSC Board examination. The papers were a really good mix of Board based questions and difficult ones. They covered all important concepts in all of the subjects and really helped me boost my confidence. Most of the questions in my Board examination was asked from the vast Question Bank which Guruaanklan had provided me and it made the paper a joy to solve . Most of my last moment preparation involved solving these papers. I would really recommend the Guruaanklan Papers to others especially my juniors , as it covers all the basic concepts , and is really great practice material for the preparation of HSC Boards.

Abhishek Iyer TVM (Mumbai) Physics:78/100 Chem:75/100 Maths:70/100 C.S:186/100

I took Weekly test and Grand test from Guruaanklan Foundation. Weekly test strengthened my chapters and concepts. It made understanding of each chapter easy for me as 5-6 questions covered complete concepts of the chapter. Grand Test helped answering mixed questions ranging from easy to difficult level in a go within the time limit. My last minute revision included revision of Grand Test questions. I will definitely recommend these papers to my juniors.

Shreyas Pendbhaje Navneet Jr. College(Mumbai) Physics: 86/100 Chem:87/100 Maths:92/100

I was afraid of Test Series before September and after joining Guruaanklan Foundation I became very confident. Guruaanklan Test Series was a miracle for me. I was struggling to identify which question to attempt and which not to. Guruaanklan was my lifeline it helped me perform well in Board examination. Grand Test was everything I wanted at the time where I thought I will be lost in the vast syllabus of 12th Boards. I came 3rd in my college with 82% in my HSC Board Examination. Please take Guruaanklan Papers if you are struggling and want to do well in HSC Boards

Yogesh Choudhary Menon College (Mumbai) Physics:89/100 Chem:80/100 Maths:75/100 Bio:85/100

I found Guruaanklan’s Weekly Test very useful. It covered important concepts of the chapter and gave me huge confidence in completing papers on time. The solutions of weekly test was immensely helpful helped me in saving time behind studying every chapter. I managed to scrape through all because of Guruaanklan Foundation All and all my experience was wonderful.

Dhyani Jethwa New English Jr. College (Ullhasnagar) Eng:89/100 Maths:50/100 Phy:49/100 Chem:56/100 Comp Sci: 162/200

Guruaanklan’s Grand Test and CET Papers helped me improve my speed because papers had very good questions. I was fortunate enough to get to know about them through a common friend. I scored 89% in HSC Boards. Please don’t miss to solve Guruaanklan’s Test Series.

Nishant Jain T.P Bhatia College (Mumbai) Physics:81/100 Chem:78/100 Maths:89/100

I had taken Grand Test and CET Papers from Guruaanklan Foundation. Most of the questions were covered in the paper, it helped me immensely in time management. For revision all I had to do was to go through the Grand Test papers. I scored 80% in HSC Board I was very happy to have solved these papers.

Brijesh Chaudhary Sathaye College(Mumbai) Physics:82/10 Chem:73/10 Maths:77/100 E.M:172/200

I had taken Combined Test. Most of the important questions were revised easily. Majority of concepts were covered in paper itself so it helped me save time. I used these papers only, for last minute revision. I passed because of solving these papers, I wish I had not missed Grand Test as well.

Gayatri Thampi Kamalnayan Bajaj(Pune) Physics: 50/10 Chemistry:45/100 Bio:51/100

I would like to thank ‘Guruaanklan’ for boosting my confidence while solving papers. The question papers provided by them played a prominent role in improving my confidence, speed and accuracy. I scored 93.20 %. It is because of them, I was able to solve my board papers in a proper manner and within prescribed time. The guidance session organized by them were very helpful in clearing doubts. I also solved their CET papers and it helped me clear my concepts of different type of questions that can be asked in the examination.

Mohit Dhamankar Model College (Dombivali) Phy:93/100 Chem:90/100 Maths:96/100 C.S:192/200